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Macnica Galaxy
Longwell TV Production Inc.
Yi -JungCHEN
Shu-Ning LIAO
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Macnica Galaxy
Founded in 1979, Macnica Galaxy Inc. is the first A/D converter importer in Taiwan and the first local electronic distributor introducing Harris and Altera products into Taiwan. Over the past 30 years or so, Galaxy has been a successful technology and service oriented distributor with glorious achievements. We will continue this tradition to provide premium IC products and services to customers. Galaxy joined Macnica group in 2010 and became one of Macnica company in Taiwan. Leveraging our Head Quarter's relationship and reputation with WW top tier semiconductor suppliers, Galaxy represent more famous product lines after the acquisition, this makes our product portfolio more rich and complete, and makes us more competitive in the market. Galaxy will keep looking for more innovative and advanced products for the emerging markets in order to have long term business and future growth. Galaxy has been growing steadily over the years as witnessed by the progress in various aspects
Longwell TV Production Inc.
LongWell TV Production Co., Ltd., led by renowned producer Cheng Chao-Cheng, is celebrated for its diverse drama genres and professionalism. The company’s acclaimed prime-time dramas include "Mother's Home," "Dowry," and "Success Story of a Formosan Girl," among others. Currently, LongWell is expanding its horizons by collaborating with young directors, creating works in humanities, arts, and architecture. These endeavors are rooted in cultural foundations, aiming to produce high-quality content that sparks creativity. The company is also embracing international co-productions, bringing Taiwanese stories to a global audience. Looking ahead, LongWell plans to incorporate cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and AI to enhance program interactivity and appeal. The focus is also on reaching international markets with their quality Taiwanese productions. The goal is to showcase Taiwan's diverse culture and social nuances, combining creativity with global marketability.
Yi Ping works as a producer and a project coordinator. Since 2017, she has been working as a coordinator in documentary shorts, animation short films, VR projects, and film festivals as programme coordinators. Continuously absorbing international experiences and nourishment, She uses her communication strengths to assist local creators with ambition to connect with the international scene. In the past two years, She has delved into VR production and documentary filmmaking in the following works: Director Wu De-chuen's 2022 'Alice on the beach', 2023 'Mirror', and Director Pan Zhi-Wei's 'Maro’ay to ko kerah: Home’. The latest VR Animation short Mirror was presented at the Venice Gap-Financing Market. Now she’s participating in various project development projects, such as 2024 Serial Bridge Development Workshop selected “All right” series, “My cursed 25” series development project.
NYU School of Visual Arts (1996) Most of his animations are inspired from personal experience. Many of his works were nominated for awards and won the best animation in 2010 Taipei Film Festival and “A piece of cake” was nominated for 2010 Golden Horse Awards. His recent work “The Magical Tracing” won 2021 Best Animation Shorts. VR production 2021 Mirror |VR FILM LAB OF Kaohsiung Film Archive 2021 Alice on the beach|MOD VR First award Awards 2021 Golden Horse Awards Best Animation Short, 海角天涯The Magical Tracing 2019 Green Island Art Festival, 神秘列車 Mystery Train 2014 Taipei Film Awards Best Animation, 荒城之月Unknown Memory 2010 Taipei Film Awards Best Animation, 簡單作業A piece of cake 2010 Taipei Film Awards Media Recommendation Award, 簡單作業A piece of cake
Yi -Jung
As a creator of films and visual arts, I formed an original style from my experience as a documentary filmmaker. I'm strongly influenced by both classic/ modern European aesthetics and Taiwanese culture.
After graduating from the Department of Television and Film at the Savannah College of the Arts in 2005, Shu Ning returned to Taiwan to pursue a career in the film and television industry. Ning worked in a commercial production for the first five years, and from 2010 to 2013, she worked as an agency producer in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and then since 2014 Ning has been involved in the production of TV commercials, documentaries, shorts, and feature films, she’s working on a full range of productions in recent years. In addition to continuing to produce better visual works as the foundation, Ning hopes to promote Taiwan as a production system with clear budget control and effective generation of image works as the main direction. At present, Ning is committed to cultivating new talents and making Taiwan’s film and television industry a vibrant one.