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Are you looking for resources or business partners?
As long as you are looking for creators of production technology, technology operators looking for content IP applications, industry planning organizations for domestic and foreign cooperation, venues and exhibitions for programs, or potential investment targets, we sincerely invite you to join us in future content In the co-creation circle, TAICCA will support your needs for content, talents, resources, and marketing.

Who are we looking for


We welcome content creators who aspire to integrate pioneering technologies into their works. Based on technical and financial needs, we can identify potential collaborators and investors in Taiwan and worldwide. We also look for great stories for text-based, image-based, or audiovisual-based adaptations.

Developers & Entrepreneurs

We encourage technology developers to work with cultural content for new services and applications. For entrepreneurs looking for test cases and investment support, we can connect them to funding sources and pitching opportunities for their culture x technology content business models.

Venues & Festivals

We introduce great stories and creators to entertainment, art, retail, cultural, and exhibition venues interested in creative delivery and experiences. We also invite festival, trade show, and contest organizers to learn about immersive content in Taiwan, and curate theme events.


We connect with trade groups, associations, government agencies, academic institutions to focus on entertainment technology, new media art, digital transformation in creative economy, innovation policies, and cultural content co-productions.

Startup Investors

We introduce investors interested in the entertainment industry to startups with cultural elements and commercial potentials in their products and services.

After becoming a member, you can

  • Add favorite professional or content to favourites
  • Create one or more professional pages so that all the industry players can find you
  • Contact your potential partners
  • Share your industry events or news

如果你是臺灣文化科技產業業者: 建立作品頁面,進一步為作品找展演機會,或是為開發中的製作案找合製夥伴。

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