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The Taiwan Culture x Tech Content is a website dedicated to Taiwanese industries in the intersection of culture and technology, powered by TAICCA. From immersive experience, digital art, to sound creation and video game, it aims to not only promote Taiwanese innovative creations, but also encourage the dynamic sector of creativity by bonding creators with tech practicians and by disseminating new information to all.

Showcase of Taiwanese Culture x Tech Content

The website highlights immersive creations and professionals in Taiwan who seek international distribution for their works, know-how and expertise. Entirely bilingual in Mandarin and English, we welcome all the cultural professionals (cultural venues, museums, festivals, production studios, etc.), decision-makers, technical providers, journalists and those who wish to discover the Taiwanese culture x technology landscape here for partnerships and co-productions.You can also find news, open calls as well as other resources and all kinds of opportunities for your current and future projects.

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Why Taiwan

With its vibrant, diverse culture and unwavering support for freedom of expression, Taiwan fosters an environment that encourages and empowers creators to push the boundaries and develop innovative content. Leveraging its position as a global frontrunner in the tech industry, the Taiwanese government has displayed a resolute dedication to enhancing the nation's industrial ecosystem, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements and fostering a thriving environment for innovation and growth. With exceptional talent and extensive experience in collaborating with international partners, Taiwan presents remarkable business prospects while also allowing for flexible cooperation with countries worldwide. The country's unique blend of expertise, global connectivity, and market access positions it as an optimal destination for forging partnerships and driving successful ventures.

Who we are

Taiwan Creative Content Agency

Established in 2019 by the Ministry of Culture, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) supports the production, distribution, development, and overseas expansion of audiovisual content, digital content, music, comic, performing art, and more. TAICCA is dedicated to supporting local creative economy and entertainment industries. We aim to diversify funding sources and tech applications for culture and creativity. Government resources are utilized to increase private investments, encourage international exchanges and co-productions, and scale up cultural content industries in Taiwan as a player in the global creative economy.


TAICCA Services

  • Funding and Investment
  • Global Marketing
  • Culture x Tech Incubation
  • Story and IP Development
  • Talent Cultivation
  • Market Insights
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